Fix Blue Screen of Death Error on PC and Restore All Lost Files

Blue Screen

If you are facing a blue screen of death due to which you lost your important data? Then read this article to fix your screen and restore all your lost data.

In Windows, the “Blue Screen of Death” is also called the STOP Error or BSOD Error. It is a screen error that shows up on a computer when something goes wrong with the OS. Once this error happens, your computer may not work or start up. BSOD is usually caused by a broken piece of hardware, a driver problem, or a computer crash.

The blue screen of death error does not delete any files on its own. But, if the BSOD error is caused due to hardware or outdated drivers, you might lose important data. To avoid these kinds of errors, you should always keep your PC’s drivers updated with the help of free driver updater software. Now, let’s jump right to the solutions to get rid of this problem.

Fix Blue Screen of Death

How To Fix BSOD Error And Restore Your Data?

This error will not allow you to access anything on your computer. Even if you want to restart your computer, you can’t do it. You can try using the force shutdown option by holding the power button for 10 seconds. But if this doesn’t help, you need to follow the tips mentioned below one by one.

Blue Screen

Use System Restore

This error appears when you install new software or hardware, install a new version of Windows, or update a driver. If these are the reasons, you can fix the error by undoing the changes. Then, you can use System Restore to bring its system software back to how it was before. It will also roll back the drivers to the old ones. To use this tool, follow these steps:

Step1: Insert any storage device that has Windows 10 bootable image and open the troubleshooting page.

Step2: Click on the Advanced option

Step3: Now, click on the “Startup Repair”.

The startup repair tool will scan your computer and fix any problems it finds while starting the OS. When the process is completed, restart your system.

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Clean Boot Your PC

You can run a clean Windows 10 boot to remove any sort of virus from your system. Follow the instructions below to run a clean Windows 10 boot:

Step1: Start Windows 10 in Safe-mode

Step2: Press Windows + R key to open “run”, over there type “MSConfig” and press Enter

Step3: This will open the System Configuration program

Step4: Click on the General tab

Step5: Select Selective Startup

Step6: Uncheck the boxes of  “Load startup items” and “Load system services.”

Step7: Click on Apply

Step8: Now, switch to the “startup” tab

Step9: Click on “Open Task Manager

Step10: Select all Enabled applications and Disable them by clicking on Disable button.

Step11: Restart your Computer

Use System Image To Recover Your Lost Data

System Image tool restores the whole Windows operating system, rather than just a few folders and files. To restore all of your lost data, use this feature and follow the steps below:

Step1: Search Settings in the Taskbar and press Enter

Step2: Click on Update & Security and then select Recovery from the list

Step3: Save all your work, then click on the “Restart Now” button under the Advanced Startup

Step4: Now, click on Troubleshoot, then select Advanced Options

Step5: Under Advanced Options, select See more recovery options” and then click on “System Image Recovery.

Step6: Now, click on a System Image backup file and then click on the Next button

Step7: Select Additional restore options and then click on the Next button

Step8: Review the details in the system image and click on the Finish button to start the recovery process.

If you want to be in safer hands, you should download the data recovery software for your computer. These applications help you restore all kinds of data, and it also allows you to select the files you want to restore. Here are some of the best free data recovery software for you:

  1. Wondershare Recoverit
  2. Minitool Power Data Recovery
  3. Recuva
  4. Glarysoft File Recovery
  5. Disk Drill

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Bonus Tip: Keep Some Space In C Driver and Drivers Up to Date

Check to see if there’s enough space left in the C drive. The Blue Screen of Death and other problems with data corruption can happen if there isn’t enough free space on the drive. To do this, make sure there is at least 15% of a drive’s space left over at all times. 

Additionally, also ensure that all the drivers on your PC are up to date. This will allow various devices to run properly as well as improve the performance of the system. 


We hope that the tips given above will help you fix the Blue Screen of Death error as well as restore all of your lost data. To avoid such events, you should use the bonus tips provided above and keep your system clean. If you have any further questions regarding the same, please comment. We would love to help you out.

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