The handling of correspondence and mail using the old-fashioned method of handwriting is tedious work. Technology is always evolving and your office must be able to keep up. It is the PackageX can help you enhance the processing of mail inbound. Digital mailroom is beneficial not just the business, however, the employees and customers too. 

Digital Mail Services offers a robust platform that has the ability to handle basic scanning of mail, in addition to more advanced scanning techniques and workflow integrations. Digital mailroom is also paperless which makes it a more eco-friendly and sustainable method. Continue reading to find out four benefits to implementing an electronic mailroom.


An automated mailroom management system provides accelerated mail delivery. The speedier delivery of mail not only makes things simpler for the mailer and improve customer service. The time to respond for customers is significantly enhanced, and this is especially important in the case of urgent mail. It also helps organize and create an efficient workflow for your company, which leads to greater satisfaction for all those who are involved. In essence, mail is delivered quickly, to the right recipient at the appropriate time.


Security of mail is vital. The data is protected by a private (wholly owned by the company) Network & Secure FTP that is encrypted to guarantee security for customers. Every computer is fitted with Virus and Intrusion Protection as added safety. Also, there is a limitation on computer access to systems and the customer’s mandated archive policies. Your email is monitored from the moment it is examined until it’s handed over to you. After that, it will be saved on the cloud storage until you request deletion. This speeds up the processing time. Monitoring and tracking all mail within the mailroom will assure all those of the process the mail they receive is safe and will ensure that pieces of mail will never be lost.


All electronic mail correspondences are cloud-based. This means you will be able to receive your mail no matter where you are and , most importantly, decide what you want to use it for. In the context of COVID-19, the implementation of digital mailroom experienced an increase. With more than half of the people working remotely, businesses required digital mailrooms. Therefore, no matter where you are, you’ll receive your mail online and decide what you want to do with it whether you want to forward, open recycling, shred, or forward it. Mailroom managers are able to add the number of customers they want. Once the account is established the user will be given login credentials to access the service.


The paperless lifestyle has many benefits, including being environmentally friendly. Additionally, companies can will see a decrease in operating costs, better customer service, and save money in the process. Digital mailrooms reduce the dependence on manual processes. This automation results in greater productivity while using less work. Mailers are also able to concentrate on other important tasks thanks to the effectiveness that the program offers. In addition companies can see immediate savings on the cost of storage for paper and delivery as it virtually eliminates cost of delivery of mail by physical means.


Digital mailroom is beneficial to all kinds of industries, like clients in higher education as well as financial clients, insurance clients, eCommerce customers, and so on. With faster delivery times, secure software, remote administration and lower costs, the introduction of digital mail at work is a no-brainer. Improve your office by implementing the latest technology.

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