Allma TechnoCorder TC2 with extra Versatile at Techtextil

TechnoCorder TC2

Techtextil Techtextil, one of the most prestigious exhibitions in technical textiles and the nonwovens industry, is expected to attract numerous experts to Frankfurt between 9 and May 2017. Saurer Allma stated that they would welcome customers and guests to its booth, D02, within Hall 3.0 and is pleased to share the latest advancements in the technology of twisting industrial yarns. Industries yarns (constructions) with up to 9-ply yarns can be processed, as an example by the double-twisting machine TechnoCorder TC2. The cutting-edge FlexiPly device can be used to create hybrid yarns that are innovative and unique.

As a top company in the cabling and twisting of industrial yarns and tire cords, Allma sets the benchmark for efficiency, flexibility and high-end quality.

Allma TechnoCorder TC2

Premium yarns of the highest quality with more flexibility

Its TechnoCorder TC2 is characterized by its exceptional flexibility, particularly regarding production materials and counts of the industrial yarns. Self-contained spindle drive systems provide this manufacturing flexibility, as each item can be machined using spindles of its own. Utilizing the cutting-edge FlexiPly program, users can economically make hybrid yarns in the manner that consumers expect from TechnoCorder TC2. The yarns that have new properties have been designed specifically for use in the field of technical textiles cords and mechanical rubber materials (MRG) because of the use of various plies and different materials, including polyamide the aramid.

There’s an innovation that enhances this FlexiPly device. The new software can be used to create various compositions and nine floors. The machine’s ability to equip with PE-/PP tapes and monofilaments provides customers with an additional degree of flexibility in their materials.

Two gauges (gauge) of 670mm and 830mm significantly increase the range of yarn counts between 235 and 33,000 dtex that allowing for the finest processing of very fine and extremely coarse yarns with the TechoCorder TC2.

TechnoCorder TC2

High efficacy and high quality

The speed of delivery of 400m/min is top of the line in twisting industrial yarns. TechnoCorder TC2 TechnoCorder TC2 guarantees excellent yarn quality. Thanks to the precision and low tension yarn guide, the monitoring system ensures you get the best yarn winding design and twisted bundles with high density and great appearance. To increase efficiency and increase efficiency, high-speed coils are also available. High-Speed Coil (HSP) was developed to boost the speed of milking up to 150m/min (multi-layer coils) and 180m/min (flange coil) when using Campanella.

The energy-optimized drives and the fine-grained yarn balloon boost the energy efficiency that the device has. The new spindle concept and the ergonomic layout of primary components ensure a high level of working satisfaction. With the latest developments, Allma offers an innovative and affordable production machine for specific solutions for customers suited to the constantly changing technological textile market.

About Allma Volkmann

In of the Saurer Group, Allma in Kempten and Volkmann in Kempten make up part of the Allma Volkman company unit. All and Volkmann are the world’s top experts in the field of cabling and twisting technologies. For many years, Allma and Volkmann have always set the standard for the development of cabling and bending machines. An innovator in the field, Allma is a market leader and energy-efficient technology for tire cords and industrial and commercial yarns. Volkmann makes high-quality cabling and twisting machines for carpet yarns and fibres made of glass. The global success of Volkmann in various market segments is the result of years of intensive collaboration with clients. As a manufacturer of comprehensive solutions and general concepts, It has a great reputation. The products they offer are in line with the current technology for tomorrow’s textiles.

About Saurer Group

Saurer Group Saurer Group is a leading textile company specializing in manufacturing machinery and parts to process yarn. Saurer is a grouping of the following brands: spinners Schlafhorst and Zinser and turning brands Allma and Volkmann, pre-spinning companies Jintan, and Saurer embroidery. Additionally to this, Saurer Components is a division of the company. Saurer Components’ division encompasses Accotex, Daytex, Fibrevision, Temco and Texpart.

With a revenue of 1.0 billion euros, The company employs 4000 employees across the areas, including Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, USA, China, India, and Singapore. Saurer Group is a leader in the textile industry. Saurer Group is well-positioned to service the main global centres of the textile industry.

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